Reamer Type VR

Solid Valve Guide Reamers Type VR

The solid reamer type VR are designed for reaming the valve guide of motorcycle, car and commercial engines.


Right hand cutting solid reamers with extra long shanks.
The front end of these reamers is ground to act as pilot. The cutting edges are precision ground with a gradually increasing relief angle to eliminate chattering and to permit easy and smooth chip formation.


  Total lenght                 234 mm
  Cutting edge lenght    70 mm

Standard sizes:

Ø mm
5,00 H7 17205000
6,00 H7 17206000
6,99 H7 17207038
7,00 H7 17207000
7,99 H7 17208030
8,00 H7 17208000
8,99 H7 17209004
9,00 H7 17209000
10,00 H7 17210000
10,99 H7 17211001
11,00 H7 17211000
11,99 H7 17212001
12,00 H7 17212000

Special sizes available on request.
For all popular valve guides from 4,90mm up to 13,00mm in diameter.
When ordering please indicate us the desired diameter with tolerance H7.

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