Retro-Fit action

The new HD-Generation

The Retro-Fit action of Hunger changes your „old“ machine in a „young“ one!

(only VDS2E to VDS2.5E and VD4E)

Your advantage:

  • Through our Retro-Fit promotion, you receive a top fit and significantly cheaper device than a comparable new device.
  • Worldwide application range due to a power supply that works with a flexible supply voltage.
  • The haviest part, the power supply unit, is much lighter, so your service team will enjoy their work much more.
  • More powerful motors and a more efficient control system with compensation lead to a more powerful machine and thus to a better work result.
  • Ecologically sensible, as only the necessary parts are replaced.

You can continue to use the accessories you already have.

We renew your machine at a fixed price. (Excluding repairs)

Please feel free to contact us.


Phone: +49 (0)89 7091 25

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