HD 2500 High Pressure Hydraulic Power Pack

HD 2500 High Pressure Hydraulic Power Pack


The portable HD 2500 is designed for delivering high hydraulic pressure up to 2500 bar required for operating hydraulic tools, especially hydraulic tools for loosening and tightening the clamping connections provided at large diesel engines.

Hydraulic pressure up to 2500 bar.

Drive medium:
Compressed air with at least 6 bar.


The hydraulic pressure is adjustable up to 2500 bar.
Up to four hydraulic tools can be supplied simultaneously.


Operating pressure (compressed air), min. 6bar
Operating pressure (compressed air), max. 15bar
Working pressure (hydraulic oil), max. 2500 bar
Tank capacity (hydraulic oil) max. 10 Liter
Connection for compressed air Ø 9 mm
High pressure outlet 4x CEJN Serie 116
Length 431 mm
Width 315 mm
Height 550 mm
empty ca. 30 kg
filled ca. 40 kg
Technical changes reserved  

Other versions available on request!

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