Testing injector nozzles

NTS Injector Test Stand


The NTS  is designed for testing and servicing fuel injectors of large diesel engines.
Use NTS for examining the spray pattern, for leak testing of the needle seating and for servicing the fuel injector.


Testing pressure infinitely adjustable up to 800 bar.


The infinitely adjustable testing pressure is is generated by means of an air powered double acting high pressure pump.
The attachment for clamping the fuel injector is of rigid design and swivel-mounted so that the injector can be turned to horizontal position for ease of servicing.
The transparent container for collecting the testing liquid is provided with an outlet for removing the liquid by suction.


Max. Test pressure 800 bar
Drive with compressed air:  
Max. operating pressure 15 bar
Compressed air consumption 0,5 - 1,5 m³/min
Tank capacity test liquid 10 l
Length/width/height 600/500/1200 mm
Net weight, approx. 100 kg
Technical changes reserved  
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