Support Grinder

for valve grinding on the lathe


Grinding spindle:  
   Grinding wheel diam.   175mm
   Speed at 50Hz 2790rpm
Power requirement:  
   Supply voltage 400V±10%
   (3ph 50/60Hz)             or 230V±10%
   Power input 0,37kW
   Length 380mm
   Width 300mm
   Height 180mm
   Net weight 16kg


The SG 175 support grinder is designed for grinding the conical seating surface of valves of medium speed diesel engines on a standard lathe.


The support grinder is clamped in the toolpost located on the top slide of the lathe.
The grinding angle corresponding to the required valve seat angle is adjusted by turning the top slide of the lathe to an angular position which corresponds to the valve seat angle and which is defined by the template supplied with the grinder.
The valve stem is clamped in the chuck of the lathe and the valve face is ground by feeding the grinding wheel into the rotating valve face.


The precision grinding spindle is permanetly sealed and lubricated for lifetime accuracy. The wheel guarding system is designed to the prevailing safety regulations.
The cone-shaped head of the template is provided with a bore receiving the dressing diamond so that the grinding wheel can be properly dressed after adjustment of the grinding angle.
The switch for the grinding spindle drive motor is integrated in the terminal box of the motor.

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