Valve Grinding Machine

for valves with stem diameter
up to 40mm


   Valve stem diam.      9 - 40mm
   Max. valve head diam.                   200mm
   Valve seat angle 18°- 47°
Grinding spindle:  
   Grinding wheel diam.   175mm
   Speed at 50Hz 2790rpm
Work spindle  
   Speed at 50Hz 35rpm
Coolant system:  
   Coolant capacity 5 liters
Power requirement:  
   Supply voltage 400V±10%
   (3ph 50/60Hz)             or 230V±10%
   Power input 0,6kW
   Length 800mm
   Width 550mm
   Height 500mm
   Net weight 120kg


Machine Base:
Heavily ribbed cast iron structure with integrated dove tailed slideway for the workhead and steady rest.
The machine base houses an industrial type flood pump for delivering coolant to the grinding site and a baffled drawer type coolant reservoir which can be drawn out for ease of cleaning. The machine base houses also the control panel for the motors.

Grinding Spindle:
The permanently sealed and lubricated grinding spindle slides on a swivel plate which is provided with an integrated dove tailed slideway.
The swivel plate is set to the desired valve angle by means of a wide spaced scale.

Workhead and Steady Rest:
Monobloc work spindle with permanently sealed and lubricated work spindle bearings. Work spindle fitted with collet chuck for use of high precision collets.
A micrometer infeed unit is combined with the workhead to feed the face of the valve clamped in the collet to the grinding wheel.
An unique selfcentering steady rest is provided for additional support of long stem valves.
Both the workhead and the stready rest are adjustable along the slideway on the machine base to clamp the valve on that part of the valve stem which normally travels in the valve guide.

Dressing Attachment:
The dressing attachment is permanently mounted on the worktable for rapid wheel dressing.   

Electrical System:
Individual grinding spindle motor, work spindle motor and coolant pump motor all controlled by switsches grouped in front of the machine base for ease of operation.

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