Refacing both valves and valve seats with one portable refacer


The NEW portable HUNGER universal refacing machine UDM4E is a versatile machine offering a choice of modular components for refacing valves and valve seats as well as counterboring seat ring pockets and resurfacing the sealing surfaces on cylinder heads, cylinder liners and engine blocks of large diesel and gas engines.


  • No dust
  • No loud noise
  • Compact and portable
  • Fast refacing process
  • Low voltage to eliminate electric hazards

Key features:

  • No abrasive dust. A fast clean cut
  • Compact and handy design
  • Modular add-on components provide a flexible solution for multiple projects
  • Powered by SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) to avoid risk of electrical shock
  • Power supply with universal AC input
  • Fast set-up time
  • Easy to use
  • The economical solution for both field and workshop use

»Roundness, concentricity and surface finish of the refaced faces are within manufacturers’ specifications or even better«


Working range:  
Valve refacing capacity
 Valve stem diameter range 16 - 37mm
 Valve face diameter range 60 - 230mm
 Valve angle range 45° - 20°
 Valve length > 400mm
Valve seat refacing capacity
 Valve seat diameter range 60 - 230mm
 Valve seat angle range 19,5° - 45°
for more information, please see our catalog/brochure
 Rotational speed range 120 - 350 rpm
 Cross feed 0,12 mm/rpm
 Universal input voltage range 100 - 300 VAC
 Power requirement 0,5 kW
 Operating voltage of drive unit max. 58 VDC
Dimensions an net weights:  
 Motor drive unit - length/width/height ca. 485 /175 / 450mm
 Universal power supply unit - length/width/height ca. 380 /180 / 210mm
 Basic machine - net weight ca. 18kg
 Universal power supply unit - net weight ca. 8kg
Alterations subject to change without prior notice  
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