Retro-Fit action

The Retro-Fit action of Hunger changes your „old“ machine in a „young“ one!
(only VDS2.3E, VDS2.5E and VD4E)

Your advantage:

  • worldwide application range due to power supply that works with a flexible supply voltage (100-300VAC)
  • price advantage up to 46% to a new one
  • more powerful motors and a more efficient control system lead to 50% more torque when refacing
  • ecological sensible

Our new portable universal refacing machine

The new portable HUNGER universal refacing machine UDM4E is a versatile machine offering a choice of modular components for refacing valves and valve seats as well as counterboring seat ring pockets and resurfacing the sealing surfaces on cylinder heads, cylinder liners and engine blocks of large four-stroke combustion engines (diesel engines, gas engines etc.) on vessels, in power plants and in the industry.

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We will be happy to advise you about our new machine and looking forward to your contact.

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