Refacing Machine 

for diameter up to 500mm


The VD4HD-RC is designed for refacing:

  • the landing surface for the cylinder liner on the engine block,
  • the landing surface for the cylinder head on the cylinder liner and
  • the landing surface for the cylinder liner on the cylinder head.


Refacing diameter up to 500mm


The VD4HD motor drive unit of the machine is part of the modular VD4HD SYSTEM and, therefore, is only required, if no VD4HD motor drive unit is at hand.
The Gear head of the VD4HD-RC are identical with the gear head of the VD4HD Valve Seat Refacing Machine.
If you have already a VD4E machine and you want to use it with our new face turning heads, we can convert it into the new high performance VD4HD System.
The three available face turning heads should be used according to our recommendation with the VD4HD drive unit and the related power supply type 4HD.
We would be glad to advise you about our new VD4HD system and send you an offer for this.

The D4/0° adapter head is bolted to the gear head in place of the valve seat refacing head.
The VD4HD-RC is centered by a pilot assembly which is designed to fit to the engine component to be serviced.


Capacity Head Type D4.1/0° Head Type D4.2/0° Head Type D4.5/0°
Refacing diam. range 70 - 330 mm 75 - 430 mm 95 - 500 mm
Max. transverse
feed travel length
35 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Feed Motions  
Cutting speed 100 - 250 rpm
Transverse feed per revolution 0,05 mm
Electrical System  
Operating voltage max. 50 VDC
Rated current max. 10 A
Universal input voltage (1ph. 50/60 Hz) 100 - 277VAC
Power input 0,6 kW
Dimensions and Weight  
Lenght / Width / Height 410 / 125 / 400 mm
Net weight approx. 18 kg
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