Adjustable Expanding Hand Reamers

We have been manufacturing adjustable reamers for over 98 years.
We are always glad to assist you how to use our reamers and to find a solution for your special machining problems.

The production of reamers with hard chromium coated blades and of hard chromium coated replacement blades has been discontinued. Remainders of stock are available as long as stock last.

The "hard chrome" version is replaced by the advanced "DLC" version, in which the blades are coated with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC). The DLC coating is characterized by extreme hardness, wear resistance and smoothness (very lowfriction). At the same time, the sharpness of the cutting edges is preserved because the DLC coating is extremely thin.
The DLC version is therefore ideal for reaming aluminum alloys, copper alloys (bronze and brass) as well as materials with a high wear effect and materials that tend to stick and form built-up edges.

Reamer Type D

The adjustable standard reamer for repair and assembly jobs.


Reamer Type E

The adjustable reamer with extra long blades.


Reamer Type H

The adjustable shell reamer.


Reamer Type K

The adjustable reamer with a solid pilot at the front end.


Reamer Type U

The adjustable universal reamer with interchangeable pilots at both ends.


Reamer Typ V

The valve guide reamer with extra long shank.


Reamer Type VR

The solid reamer type VR are designed for reaming the valve guide of motorcycle, car and commercial engines.


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