PVM 1 Mounting set for valve guides

PVM 1 Mounting set for valve guides


With the PVM1 assembly set, worn valve guides can be quickly and easily removed from the cylinder head and new valve guides inserted into the cylinder head.
The assembly set is particularly suitable for motorcycle, car and commercial vehicle workshops.


The air hammer can also be used to drive valve seat inserts out of the cylinder head.
For this purpose a Hunger valve seat turning device is used to turn a groove into the valve seat ring.
The seat ring is driven out of the cylinder head by means of a clamping head whose expandable clamping elements engage in the groove.


Insert the appropriate drift pin into the pneumatic hammer and insert the drift pin into the valve guide.
Switch on the compressed air supply with the control lever provided on the pistol grip of the air hammer.
The valve guide is driven out of or into the cylinder head by the rapid impact sequence.
A soft protective ring placed on the drift pin protects the valve guide from damage.

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