Adjustable Expanding Hand Reamers Type U

Download  Reamers Type U Product Sheet 

The universal reamer for all types of holes, particularly for in-line reaming of two or more holes and for reaming very long holes.

Rigth-hand cutting reamer with expanding blades.
Interchangeable pilots with guide sleeves at the front as well as at the back of the reamer.
The guide sleeves provide for exact alignment between the hole being reamed and the other mating holes.
A special bayonet coupling with mating cones between each pilot and the reamer body ensures correct alignment.
The blades are ground for taking a rough cut followed by finish reaming.
Due to the unique Hunger relief grinding operation the blades have a progressively increasing 
clearance angle giving a soft cutting action.
The adjusting nut is marked with a annular scale.
One graduation of the scale corresponds to a change of the reaming diameter by 0,02 mm.
The reamers are available with standard blades made of high quality special steel to ensure superior cutting performance.
The reamers are also available with hard chromium coated blades.
The hard chromium coating has superior hardness in combination with a low friction coefficient. Thus reamers of the "hard chromium" series are particularly suitable for reaming abrasive materials and materials with a tendency to adhere to and to build-up the cutting edge.


                 Sets of Reamers in Wooden Cases: