VD4E Valve Seat Refacing Machine

Download VD4E Product Sheet

   Valve seat diam. range
   Valve seat angle range
Feed rates:  
   Rotary speed range 120-250rpm
   Transverse feed
Power requirement:  
   Supply voltage
   (1ph 50/60Hz)      or
                               or  277V±10%
   Power input 0,6kW
   Max. operating voltage 50VDC
   Length 410mm
   Width 125mm
   Height 400mm
   Net weight 17kg













Very short refacing time!
No dust! No noise!
Powered by low operating voltage!

The machine is fitted with two motors providing a smooth cutting action. The operating voltage supplied to the motors by a compact power supply unit is of the low voltage type to eliminate electric hazards.
The exchangeable adapter head with the built-in slideway for cutting tool travel ensures a precise seat angle eliminating faulty setting operations.
Roundness, concentricity and surface finish of the refaced valve seat are within manufacturers’ specifications or even better.
Facing adapter heads are available to convert the VD4E to a
VD4E/0° Refacing machine for refacing flat landing surfaces.
A cone refacing adapter head is available to convert the VD4E to a
VD4E/-30° Refacing machine for refacing the conical landing surface on valve seat cages.
A counterboring gear head is available to convert the VD4E to a
ADM4E Counterboring machine for machine the valve seat ring bores for oversize seat ring installation.

Setup is fast and easy.
First, lock the pilot with mounted centering spider in the valve guide.
Then, lower the machine over the pilot and position the cutting tool in front of the inner edge of the valve seat.
Turn micrometer downfeed to set the desired depth of cut.
Refacing is automatic.
Pressing one button is enough to start the refacing pass.