VKM5 Valve Grinding Machine

 Download VKM5 Product Sheet


   Valve stem diam.     
     Option   9-90mm
   Max. valve head diam.
   Valve seat angle  19°-46°
Grinding spindle:  
   Grinding wheel diam.   250mm
   Speed at 50Hz 2800rpm
Work spindle  
   Speed at 50Hz 3-14rpm
Coolant system:  
   Coolant capacity 30 liters
Power requirement:  
   Supply voltage
   (3ph 50/60Hz)             or
   Power input 2kW
   Length 1950mm
   Width 1300mm
   Height 900mm
   Net weight 1000kg













Maschine Base
Extra heavy rigid cast iron design with an integrated prismatic slideway for the workhead and steady rest.

Grinding Spindle

The powerful grinding spindle is permanently sealed and lubricated for lifetime accuracy.
The grinding spindle rests on a compound slide unit including a massive swivel plate with a widespaced scale for exact angular adjustment.
The transverse slide is guided by a pair of steel bars to reduce friction for smooth traversing of the grinding wheel along the valve face.

The standard VKM 5 features a self-centering steady rest and a three-jaw chuck to align all valves with stem diam. from 40 to 90 mm.
Both the workhead and the stready rest are adjustable along along the slideway on top of the machine base to clamp each valve on that part of the valve stem which normally travels in the valve guide.
The double support of long stem valves ensures the ultimate valve refacing accuracy.

Coolant System
A separate coolant reservoir is provided to efficiently settle out grinding residue.
Coolant is delivered to the grinding site by an industrial type flood pump.

Oscillating Equipment (Option)
Automated power traverse of thegrinding wheel along the valve face is available to assure efficient stock removal and superior finish.
The stroke of oscillation is infinitely adjustable.

Automated Infeed (Option)
Power infeed is available for automatic grinding according to a preselected program.
The feed rate, the total infeed and the sparkout time can be easily selected.

Workhead for smaller valves (Option)
A workhead type 4E can be placed on the prismatic slideway for grinding valves with stem diameter from 9 to 40mm.
The work spindle of workhead type 4E is provided with a collet chuck for precise alignment of the valves.