VD3 Valve Seat Refacing Tool

Download VD3 Product Sheet

   Valve seat diam. range
   Valve seat angle
30° and 45°
Feed motions
   Rotary motion   manual
   Transverse feed
   Length 300mm
   Width 125mm
   Height 350mm
   Net weight 7,4kg










The VD3 is designed to reface valve seats of large diesel engines in a lathe-type cutting operation.

The VD3 is aligned in centerline with the valve guide by a pilot inserted in the valve guide.
The tool head includes two inclined slideways for refacing 30° and 45° valve seats.
A single point turning tool is clamped to one of the tool slides guided in the slideways.
 When the VD 3 is rotated around the pilot by hand, the turning tool travels in a circle around the valve seat with continuous outward transverse feed motion under the proper seat angle.
The VD 3 can be stabilized by a steady rest which is mounted on the cylinder head to support the VD3 below the crank handle. The steady rest eliminates runout when rotating the VD3 around the pilot. As a result, the seat is refaced to concentricity with the valve guide under the correct seat angle.

Operation of the VD3 is quite simple.
Place VD3 on pilot inserted in valve guide.
If required, mount steady rest for additional support of the VD3.
Place turning tool in front of the inner edge of the valve seat.
Set depth of cut by turning a micrometer mechanism to maintain positive control over the material to be removed from the valve seat.
Rotate VD3 by hand around the pilot to reface the valve seat.