HMB Honing Rigs

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HMB 340 Side View

HMB 640 Rear View

The HMB Honing Rigs are designed for honing cylinder liners removed from the engine block with the corresponding mobile Hunger PHM Honing Machines.

Honing Rig Type HMB 340 is tailored to the Honing Machine Type HBM 340.

Honing Rig Type HMB 640 is tailored to the Honing Machine Type HBM 640.


Rigid base structure including upright supporting tubes for mounting the mobile PHM Honing Machine.

The liner to be honed is placed on top of a honing liquid reservoir which is slideably mounted on the base structure.
The reservoir can be drawn out for ease of loading and unloading of the cylinder liner by means of a crane.

An electric pump is provided to supply honing liquid to a spray nozzle.
The spray nozzle is mounted on a magnetic base which can be attached to the frame tube to direct the honing liquid to the area to be honed.