AD Mobile Boring Machine

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The AD Boring Machines are designed for:
    1. Boring upper bore, if required with a specified corner radius to the
        bottom of upper bore and facing bottom of the upper bore.
    2. Boring lower bore,
    3. Boring the rings inserted in upper and lower bore, if required.
    4. Facing the ring inserted in upper bore.

    Max. boring diameter    420mm
    Max. depth of boring     780mm


This versatile on-site boring machines will help to eliminate inferior repair procedures by precision counterboring cylinder bores with the precision and speed of stationary machines for a perfect fit of the cylinder liners.
The job can be done quickly to get back in operation with minimum downtime.
An experienced operator can usually mount the machine on the crankcase, align it, and start cutting in less than 30 minutes.
Different design tool heads and boring bars are available for boring out and facing seats for installing sleeves, for machining relief grooves and for thru boring.