PVM 1 Valve Guide Tool

Download PVM1 Product Sheet

The PVM 1 is designed for removing the valve guides from cylinder heads and for installing new valve guides.
The PVM1 is particularly suitabler for automotive workshops.

The PVM 1 can be also used for removing valve seat rings.
First a groove is cut into the valve seat ring with a Hunger Valve Seat Refacer.
Then the expanding jaws of an adapter are forced into the groove.
Thereafter the seat ring is driven out of the cylinder head by applying strokes of the air hammer to the adapter.

Operation is as easy as one two three.
With the proper valve guide driver fitted in air hammer, insert driver into valve guide.
Switch on air supply by the mere actuation of supply valve lever.
The valve guide is removed or installted with ease by the rapid series of air hammer strokes
A soft expendable washer placed onto the driver protects the valve guide from damage