BDW Liner Seating Refacing Tool

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The BDW is designed to reface the seating provided in the engine block for receiving the flange of the cylinder liner.

   Refacing diameter range      90-180mm

Centering in the cylinder bore is automatically effected by simply turning the centering spindle.
The studs at the engine block are used for rigidly clamping the BDW to the engine block.
The seating is refaced to the preset depth by the simultaneous application of both a rotary and a transverse feed motion to the single point cutting tool.
While the single point carbide cutting is rotated around the seating, a feed gear mechanism ensures a transverse feed motion.
An adjustable depht stop makes sure that all seatings are cut to the same depth.

Dimensions and Weight:

Length/Width/Height      1170x530x440-580mm
Net weight                       13kg