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Ludwig Hunger GmbH 

Hunger - a company with experience - specializing in the manufacture of expanding reamers and engine service equipment for many years - and with the most comprehensive range of expanding reamers and tools and machines for servicing valves, valve seats, cylinder heads and engine blocks.

Years ago, Hunger pioneered precision valve and valve seat refacing systems which have been further developed and refined until we have the present high performance equipment.

The qualities of Hunger equipment are derived from working in very close cooperation with leading engine manufacturers, and the research and experience gained by Hunger in 90 years of precision equipment manufacture.

Hunger equipment has been tested an approved by leading engine manufacturers, and is being used for high performance work throughout the world.

You can rely on Hunger.



Despite the COVID 19 pandemic in our country, you can contact us by phone or email as usual.

Here you will find up-to-date Catalogues and Product Sheets
as pdf documents.

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